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Digital Product Discovery

Digital Product Discovery

The discovery phase of a digital product is crucial to building a technology solution that provides value to its target audience and your company.

By participating in our product discovery process, you will receive valuable insights that will help your team ensure successful product delivery.

What Is the Discovery Phase

Creating ideas

Successful product management begins before you start building your digital product. Before writing the first line of code, you need to understand the intricacies of your product idea through a product discovery exercise. Only by doing so will you be able to come up with the right features and design components to guarantee your users a powerful experience, and most importantly, how to build them through the correct product management approach.

The discovery phase of digital products can help you gain important insights into the best way to develop and design your product idea. Additionally, it may also help determine an estimation of what it will cost to build your digital product as you envision it.

The Difference Between Ideation and Discovery

Many people think that Ideation and product discovery are the same. While Ideation helps structure, design, and refine your digital product’s idea, the discovery phase helps you understand and address in detail some of the critical aspects related to product management.

These critical aspects of product discovery include, among other things:

Koombea’s Proven Product Discovery Process

Digital Product

A Successful Digital Product Discovery Approach

Understanding your digital product through a product discovery exercise requires more than just laying out its development and design requirements. Besides delivering a powerful experience to your target audience, you must also consider your business model and its implications. That is why our product discovery process goes beyond mere technicalities, digging deeper into the strategic solutions your digital product needs.

We achieve this by breaking down the key components of your product idea, helping you get to the necessary level of detail to make crucial decisions that will benefit your digital product in the long term. Ideally, after the product discovery phase is complete, you should end up with a clear product management plan.

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A Winning Digital Product Discovery Team

To help you identify vital product discovery insights and feasible solutions to your requirements, we put our team of expert business analysts and operations team at your disposal. They will work around your product idea to understand it and guarantee successful product delivery. Additionally, they will help you identify key user stories and epics and develop a comprehensive Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of your digital product and its high-level architecture.

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Smart Digital Product Discovery

Koombea’s product discovery process is an integral solution to some of the most pressing challenges faced in the product management process of any digital product. Experience our product discovery process and find out what your project needs to make it a reality.

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Digital Product Discovery Deliverables

After completing the product discovery phase with us, you will receive the following deliverables:

Based on the different components that your digital product will require, we estimate the number of hours it will take, and as a result, we can calculate what it will cost to build it.

Got any questions regarding our digital product discovery? Contact us, and we’ll be glad to help.

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