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Cross-Platform App Development Services

Cross-Platform App Development Services

Cross-platform app development services can help your business develop a mobile application for multiple operating systems while saving on development costs. Cross-platform mobile apps are a great alternative to native app development if you want a business presence on Android and iOS platforms.

At Koombea, we offer you a wide range of world-class services for cross-platform mobile app development. In addition, we are also proud to offer cross-platform development consulting. So you don’t have to worry about choosing the right programming languages, frameworks, and tools to build the perfect cross-platform application.

Cross-platform mobile applications can still provide the same rich User Experience as a native app if you have a skilled team of app developers working on your project. At Koombea, we have the skills, tools, and app engineering experience to build your company a seamless cross-platform mobile solution that will aid your business processes.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development Services

Why choose between the iOS or Android platform? Mobile, high-performance hybrid apps designed to run on multiple mobile platforms can help you save time and money throughout the development process. However, if you choose to develop a native application, you must develop and maintain a separate code base for each platform you want your app to operate on.

Developing multiple apps can be cost-prohibitive for organizations, so many businesses choose to develop cross-platform mobile solutions that can be run on any platform. Using powerful frameworks for User Interfaces, your app will work seamlessly across any mobile platform. This means you can deliver a powerful User Experience that is fully functional on different mobile devices and platforms.

Using our custom Agile software development methodology, we will utilize the best cross-platform development strategies and tools. By doing this, we can guarantee your app uses the same code base across platforms, which in turn guarantees code reusability for the different versions of your app, reducing your development cost, time to market, and Quality Assurance efforts.

The Benefits of Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-platform development offers businesses many unique advantages. However, before you decide which development path is the right choice for your project, you need to consider each approach's costs, logistics, and practicality. You might be surprised to learn that cross-platform development has just as much to offer your business as native development. The top reasons organizations choose the cross-platform development approach include:

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Larger Market Reach

Businesses should not actively limit their market influence. iOS and Android both share important portions of the influential mobile app industry. Native development limits the reach of your application to a single platform. As a result, your organization limits its potential to reach users and gain popularity. Cross-platform development is the most effective way to reach all mobile app users, regardless of their preferred platform.

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Cost Savings

Building a cross-platform application is far cheaper than building two native applications. In essence, you cut the development time and cost in half and get double the output. Many organizations don’t have the financial resources to invest in developing two native applications. Don’t limit your business to a single platform. Cross-platform development can help you reach users on both major platforms for less money.

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Time Savings

Time is arguably the most valuable resource a business has. Cross-platform development not only saves organizations money but also time. Instead of taking the time to develop two applications with separate code bases, your business can focus on developing one great application. As a result, you can get your mobile application to market faster and be a first mover in your industry.

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Easy Maintenance

Applications require regular support and maintenance. Maintaining two apps is more difficult, costly, and time-consuming than maintaining one application. Since your cross-platform application utilizes the same code base on every platform, you only have one application to maintain and update. As a result, your company will have more time to invest in developing new features for your application and focusing on core competencies.

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A Great User Experience

User Experience is an important consideration many businesses overlook with native development. Sure, native apps can utilize certain aspects of platforms more thoroughly and deliver unbeatable experiences. However, many people have a variety of different devices. Those who have Android phones might have iOS tablets and vice versa. Cross-platform development allows you to deliver a consistent User Experience across platforms to delight your users no matter where they are.

Cross-Platform Applications with React Native

Rather than go after a single platform, we usually recommend our clients build their apps for multiple platforms using the React Native cross-platform app framework.

This is one of the best cross-platform app frameworks for native development in both iOS and Android. Being an open-source development tool, it combines the characteristics of native and web apps to deliver a unique mobile app development experience. Delight your users with a top-notch User Interface that works perfectly on different platforms.

Do you want to build an app using a different tech stack? Are you considering Flutter, a Progressive Web App, or any other alternative to cross-platform application development? At Koombea, we are technology agnostic. If you want to use a different framework, tech stack, or set of tools for your application, we will work with the technology that is best suited for your needs. Contact us, and let's discuss your project.

Our Cross-Platform Mobile Experience

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At Koombea, we have been building cross-platform apps for over a decade. Our developers stay up-to-date with all of the latest frameworks, languages, and tools used for cross-platform application development. Over the years, our team of expert mobile app developers has produced successful digital products for a diverse range of industry use cases:

Don’t trust your app development project to an inexperienced company. At Koombea, we are more than just cross-platform app developers. Our experience with native applications, web apps, and hybrid apps gives our team valuable experience and insight into the cross-platform development process. If you want to create a cross-platform app that looks and feels like a native application, you need an app developer that has a track record of building great native apps.

As an experienced software company, Koombea can help your organization reach its goals with stunning, seamless software development. No matter what your company’s objectives are, Koombea can help it achieve them. We will help you develop a cross-platform solution that you can confidently submit to all of the different app stores.

The Process to Develop Mobile Applications

Building a cross-platform app is similar to the regular app development process, but it requires unique expertise. Koombea provides complete end-to-end, cross-platform mobile app development services tailored to your needs. Take a closer look at the process we use below. If you are interested in learning more about each step, simply click on the word for a more detailed description of each service.

Migration to Hybrid Frameworks

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Are you considering various platforms for your app development project? Why not consider a hybrid mobile app development project? Hybrid mobile apps offer the best of web and native apps.

When built using the correct development tools, they guarantee a friendly maintenance and code management experience to avoid headaches. We can help you migrate your apps to an ideal hybrid architecture. This can help your app grow strategically through the right native interfaces, native components, and native features.

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About Koombea

There are many reasons why you might want to create a mobile app with Koombea. We have a number of experts that will help you deploy your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Our main strength lies in our commitment to your success. We are not just coders but a real strategic partner for your business.

We believe that the best results are born from collaboration. We want to fully understand your business, industry, market, and audience so that we can help you build a world-class application that outpaces your competition and pleases users.

These are some of the reasons why our customers prefer us:

Cross-platform application development can help your business reach users on multiple mobile platforms. Instead of building two native applications, build a single cross-platform mobile app. At Koombea, we excel at native app development, which gives us a leg up when developing cross-platform apps.

If your business is looking for cross-platform solutions, look no further than Koombea. We bring more than a decade of experience and world-class cross-platform app developers to our robust cross-platform app development services.

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