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What Is React?

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React is a JavaScript library for building User Interfaces, which is one of the most important aspects of any application or web page. In fact, React is the most popular front-end JavaScript library used in app development today.

React was authored by a Facebook engineer named Jordan Walke and released to the public in 2013. React is an open-source JavaScript library, but it is still actively maintained by Facebook as well as a large community of individual developers.

React development is only responsible for the view layer of an app or web page. However, the way an app looks and feels to users is often one of the most important aspects to them. At Koombea, we understand that a user’s experience in your app can have a large impact on the overall success of your business.

Our dedicated team of developers uses React for a wide variety of different projects because it is:

React might only be a JavaScript library and not a front-end framework, but it is often the first choice developers make when building User Interface elements because it makes creating stunning web pages and apps so easy.

Sometimes the difference in today’s competitive business world is the quality of your digital assets. At Koombea, we know how valuable a great-looking app or web page can be to your business. We use React because we know that it is capable of delivering on quality.

The Benefits of React

There are a number of different reasons why React is a great development technology. The various benefits of using React are what make it so popular with developers across the globe. We can’t speak for everyone, but the Koombea development team chooses React because the following benefits help us develop stunning apps and web pages:

Reusable Components React

Reusable Components

Components are the building blocks for any React app. Each component has its own controls and logic. Plus, React components can be reused throughout the app, and any changes made to one component will not affect other instances of the same component. This is a very handy feature that dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to develop a world-class User Interface.

We are driven by efficiency at Koombea. The more efficient we can be during development, the more time we have to drive innovations and find winning solutions for our partners. React allows our development team to work efficiently without compromising quality.

Data Flows in a Single Direction

Data Flows in a Single Direction

In React applications, data flows in one direction. This is a major asset because it makes debugging the code and highlighting the exact location of a problem much easier. Data flows down from parent components to child components and so on. This unidirectional flow of data also helps speed up the development process.

Errors that occur in the code can have a major impact on the way your app looks, feels, and performs. Our team likes React because it makes the process of debugging less complicated. If the exact location of an issue is difficult to find, it may not be found, or it may severely slow down the pace of development and deployment.

Reacy High-End Performance

High-End Performance

React uses Virtual DOM, which allows it to deliver high-end performance to applications. Using a Virtual DOM makes performance speeds faster because only items that are changed receive updates in the Real DOM.

For example, let’s say your app or web page has a list of options that users will check in a box. Virtual DOM provides faster speeds because only the boxes that get checked receive updates in the Real DOM. The alternative is the entire Real DOM gets updated every time a single change is made. This slows down the performance of an application.

We know firsthand how performance can impact user retention. The high-end performance value of React gives our team the ability to create fast applications.

React Easy to Learn

Easy to Learn

Powerful doesn’t have to be complicated. React uses a combination of the languages HTML and JavaScript. In fact, developers can use JSX, which is a JavaScript syntax extension that allows HTML code to be written in the same file alongside JavaScript. HTML is one of the first languages most developers learn.

JSX embeds HTML inside the JavaScript code. This makes learning, debugging, and maintaining the code for React apps easy.

Is React Right for Your Next Project?

React is one of the most popular app development tools available, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the right tool for your project. When it comes to app development, there are a lot of choices to consider. At Koombea, our mission is to help our partners understand what technologies are available and which ones are best suited to help them reach their goals.

React is a great front-end development library for building stunning User Interfaces, but you likely won’t be able to use it to build your entire project. React Native offers mobile development capabilities for cross-platform apps and is basically React for mobile development.

When you choose Koombea, you get more than just a team of highly skilled developers. You get a partner who takes a vested interest in your business, industry, goals, concerns, and vision for the future. Contact one of our skilled developers today to discuss your vision, app idea, or needs. We are excited to learn more about your business and project.

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