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Kotlin Tech Stack

What is Kotlin?

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Native Android development shifted in 2019 to primarily use the programming language Kotlin. Kotlin is a modern, statically typed programming language that was first introduced to the world in 2011. While Kotlin is the Google-preferred language for native Android development, this programming language can also be used to write front-end web applications, server-side applications, and even create cross-platform mobile apps.

Our Android developers are well versed in Kotlin. When we create native Android apps we choose Kotlin for a variety of reasons:

A custom native Android app can help your business reach the largest global segment of smartphone users. Connect with your target audience and offer them your products and services through a sleek, user-friendly, and secure Android app.

The Benefits of Kotlin

The majority of Android apps today are built with Kotlin for many reasons. Even older Android apps that were written in Java use Kotlin because this code is interoperable with the older Java code. This gives developers the ability to update their Java code with Kotlin without having to migrate every line of code to Kotlin.

These are some of the benefits of using Kotlin to build your app:

Brain Coding

Expressive and Concise

Time is of the essence when you are trying to bring an Android app to market. If you need to create and bring an app to market, you’ll want a programming language that can help expedite the development process.

The Koombea team of Android developers chooses Kotlin because it is a modern programming language that gives them the power to express their ideas without having to write a lot of repetitive boilerplate code.

Mobile and Desktop

A Multiplatform Programming Language

As a development company we understand that an Android app is likely not going to be your only digital asset. Kotlin is the best choice for native Android apps, but it can also be used to create iOS apps too. After all, if you want to create an Android app, chances are you will want to create an iOS app too.

Kotlin can be used for iOS development so you don’t have to write code for two separate apps. This can help streamline the development process and save you money in development costs. Kotlin is also used for front-end web apps and server-side app development as well.

We love Kotlin because it is a versatile programming language. Plus, when you take into account that it is completely interoperable with Java, Kotlin is truly positioned as one of the most flexible and powerful programming languages available.


Safer Source Code

Kotlin code is safer than Java for a few reasons. The main reason Kotlin is safer is that there is less code for errors to occur. Since it is easier to read and there is less code to parse through, less mistakes are made when using Kotlin. The Kotlin compiler tool also helps detect errors in the code and alerts developers to their presence so they can be fixed before the app goes into production.

Developers who use Kotlin also avoid using NullPointerExceptions which can lead to security issues and application crashes. Because of this, Android apps built with Kotlin are far less likely to crash during use.

Safety and security are major concerns on all Android development projects that we work on. That is why Kotlin is the clear programming language choice for our Android developers.. We know that you are just as concerned with the security and stability of your Android app as we are.

Is Kotlin Right for Your Next Project?

Kotlin has many uses, but if you’re trying to build a native Android app, it is the best possible programming language you could choose.

We believe in utilizing the latest advancements in technology to create world-class applications for our partners. Kotlin is a major improvement to Java. This is not an idea that our team holds alone. Google has also made Kotlin the preferred programming language for Android apps because it is better than Java.

When you partner with Koombea for your Android app development project you get more than an experienced team with technical expertise. You also get a partner who will take the time to understand your business and target users, and a development team that never stops learning and is always eager to utilize the latest technologies in an effort to create stunning mobile and web applications.

Contact our team today to speak with an experienced Android developer about your project or app idea. We’d love to hear more and show you the ways we can help you succeed.

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