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What Is Angular?

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Angular is a front-end development framework that is used to build web and mobile applications. This development framework was initially released in 2010. Today, it is maintained and developed by a team from Google and individuals around the world. Initially, it was called AngularJS. AngularJS still exists today, but this refers to all versions of Angular prior to version 2.

AngularJS will no longer receive support from Google starting on December 31, 2021. Angular is a complete rewrite of AngularJS by the same team that created the original version. Angular uses TypeScript, which basically helps developers write easier-to-understand JavaScript code. TypeScript compiles to JavaScript and can be run on any platform. It is not necessary to use TypeScript when building apps using Angular, but it makes maintaining and understanding code easier.

Angular development allows app development teams to work more efficiently because it provides developers with consistent structure and allows them to add extra features to their applications without undue amounts of time or effort. At Koombea, we know that for many projects, time is of the essence.

Our development teams use Angular on a number of different projects because it is:

Angular is a comprehensive front-end development framework. It offers a number of different solutions that tackle issues such as internal application routing, server communication, and so much more.

Modern web and mobile development move at a fast pace, but quality cannot be sacrificed in the name of speed. At Koombea, we understand that your business needs to bring a quality product to market and that time is not always an abundant resource. We frequently use Angular because it makes quality app development more productive.

The Benefits of Angular

Many developers choose to use Angular for their app development projects because of its capabilities. There are many reasons why developers use Angular, but we can’t speak for them. At Koombea, the benefits of Angular that we value most are:

Mobile and Desktop

Cross-Platform Development

Angular takes cross-platform development to another level of efficiency and capability. Typically, the term cross-platform is used to describe apps that function on both iOS and Android. Angular can be used to build apps for both of those platforms, but it can also be used to build web applications, native mobile apps, and native desktop apps.

Once you learn how to build an application using Angular, you can reuse the same code and abilities you have learned to create apps for any deployment target. There are very few development frameworks that give developers this much capability and flexibility.

When you’re creating a digital product and trying to further your business goals, you don’t want to exclude any potential users. At Koombea, we understand how important it is to deliver consistent, quality User Experiences across devices and platforms. That is why we use Angular on so many projects.



Open-source technologies offer developers a huge advantage because there are so many resources available. Angular is not only an open-source development framework, but it is also actively supported and maintained by one of the largest tech companies in the world, Google.

This level of support is a huge asset because it means that there is a lot of community attention and help resources, new tools and features are constantly being added, and issues and problems can be addressed and solved very quickly.

Our team understands the value and importance of open-source technology. We constantly strive to learn more about the technologies we are using and stay up to date with the latest advancements in Angular. The open-source community associated with Angular offers a space for learning, collaboration, help, and innovation.

Data Binding

Data Binding

Since Angular uses a process known as data binding, developers are able to simply move data from JavaScript to the view. They can then interact with user actions and events without having to write complex code. Data binding helps create a more seamless, interactive User Interface.

The value of a high-quality, interactive User Interface cannot be overstated. Modern web and mobile app users have very high expectations. If you fail to meet these expectations, you will fail to capture and convert your audience. Angular helps power great User Interface elements.


Is Angular Right for Your Next Project?

Angular is a great front-end development framework, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right choice for your app development project. There are a lot of different tools that could be used on your project, and maybe Angular is the right one for you.

At Koombea, we work with our partners to understand their needs, their business, their industry, and other important factors about who they are, what they do, and what success looks like for them.

Angular is a high-performing framework used for a wide variety of projects, but when you work with Koombea, we make sure that it really is the right technology for you. When you choose Koombea to be your development partner, you get a highly skilled and experienced team that will take a vested interest in goals for the future.

Contact our team to speak with a developer about your development project. We are excited to hear about your app idea and business.

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