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Business Machine Learning Solutions

Business Machine Learning Solutions

Machine Learning Solutions are available to everyone through our services. With our learning algorithms, you can implement new features and increase your app’s engagement.

What Is Machine Learning?

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Machine Learning is a HiTech technology that allows your app to learn based on the available data through techniques like unsupervised learning. It is a common mistake to confuse it with Artificial Intelligence. This last encompasses a broader set of techniques that don’t necessarily learn from data.

A Machine Learning algorithm uses complex mathematical and statistical techniques like logistic regression for pattern recognition. However, Machine Learning is much more than these highly technical operations. Although it is driven by a scientific approach, it is also a very creative field. At Koombea we combine expert knowledge with a creative problem-solving approach.

Use Machine Learning to Improve Decision Making

In today's fast-developing Cloud computing era, Machine Learning solutions for apps can help your company improve its business systems and decision-making processes. Machine Learning leverages Big Data in order to identify patterns and optimize processes. This can help your organization gain productivity and efficiency.

Commonly combined with Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, our Machine Learning solutions use rigorous statistical data science modeling. Through our integral computer science-driven approach, we manage your data warehouse strategically so that your information is stored securely in a dedicated or a public Cloud, helping you achieve powerful long term results.

Why Your App Needs Machine Learning Solutions

Is your company in need of better forecasts? Do you need to make sense of unstructured data? Let us know what you need. Our team of data scientists, business analysts, designers, and engineers is fully equipped with the latest technology to use Machine Learning solutions to improve your app.

Machine Learning algorithms are capable of surpassing humans in many ways. By implementing Machine Learning within your app you will be able to increase its performance and improve functionalities in important ways while gaining efficiency.

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Automate repetitive tasks: decrease your costs by automating recurrent actions and minimize human interventions.

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Make sense of your data: organize, process, and visualize your information by training powerful data models.

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Optimize productivity: reduce risks and do more with the same resources through unsupervised learning algorithms.

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Refine processes: increase your efficiency and effectiveness and improve your decision-making processes.

Our Machine Learning Approach

Technology moves pretty fast and it is hard to know what the future will look like. That’s why at Koombea we develop Machine Learning systems together with our customers. We give you our honest opinion on what’s best for your app. This way, you reduce the risk of implementing technologies that might become obsolete soon.

We first understand your business needs. Next, we research different feasible and viable alternatives. Lastly, we come up with the best Machine Learning solution for your needs.

Machine Learning Consulting: Advice & Guidance

Many companies want to implement Machine Learning techniques like Deep Learning but they don’t know how to do it or they just don’t know where to start. At Koombea we are prepared to guide you through all the challenges related to training data models to address the specific business needs of your app.

These are some Machine Learning features you might find useful for your app:

Common Machine Learning Questions

If you are thinking about implementing Machine Learning features to your app, you probably have a lot of questions. These are some of the most common questions people usually ask.

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What Machine Learning features should I include in my project?

Choosing the right features should be a thorough and well-thought-out process. To do this, you might want to go through an Ideation exercise. By doing this you will be able to understand in detail your project’s requirements.

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Which is the best tool for Machine Learning?

There are many different Machine Learning tools that you can use for your project. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers some of the most powerful and comprehensive tools in the market. Koombea is a certified AWS partner.

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Does Machine Learning really work?

Few technologies are expected to disrupt entire industries in the coming years like Machine Learning. The question is not whether it works, but rather how you want to implement it to solve your business problems.

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What is the best programming language for Machine Learning?

There is no single best programming language to build Machine Learning features. Choosing the right tech stack ultimately depends on the type of project you are working on. In general, Python is a great alternative.

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Is it hard to implement Machine Learning features into an app?

Implementing Machine Learning solutions successfully into your app requires setting up the necessary resources, and this might take some time. To do this correctly, it is best to work with a strategic partner who knows about technology but is also interested in understanding your business needs in detail.

About Koombea

We have been building world-class apps since 2007. Innovation through state of the art technology is at the heart of what we do. Our team of Machine Learning engineers, business analysts, and designers are fully prepared to research, develop, test, and implement any Machine Learning features your app needs.

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The Art of Pattern Recognition

Check out Koombea’s Machine Learning guide and implement cutting edge features.


Jonathan Tarud Message

Jonathan Tarud

“Machine Learning has helped FlightLogger significantly improve approximations by making them much more accurate. As a result, we have been able to increase user satisfaction and enhance our app’s performance.”

Jonathan Tarud

CEO FlightLogger