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iOS App Development Services

iOS App Development Services

iOS app development not only ensures that you’ll be able to reach millions of Apple iPhone users but also that, by having a native mobile app, you’ll be able to unlock a handful of features from the mobile devices themselves.

iOS Software Development for Your Industry

No matter the industry you are in, you will probably need software development services at some point. Having your technologies aligned with your business strategy and processes is essential to keep your competitive edge. At Koombea, our team of business analysts, iOS developers, and designers are fully prepared to help you.

These are just some of the industries we serve.


Build powerful and efficient FinTech iOS apps that guarantee a seamless User Experience. Additionally, ensure secure digital environments that are committed to PCI compliance.


Develop your MedTech solution with the highest industry standards. We take user privacy seriously. That’s why we focus on products that are HIPAA compliant.


Take advantage of state-of-the-art HiTech tools. Implement powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning techniques while guaranteeing GDPR compliance.


Build a Retail sales platform where your customers can easily buy what they need. Quickly integrate your digital platform into your existing processes and systems.


Securely connect your IoT devices and integrate them into powerful ecosystems your users will love. Make the most out of your company’s data and improve your operations.

iOS Mobile App Development Steps

In general, each project is unique. To determine what your mobile app needs in terms of development, it is first necessary to define its scope; our team of expert business analysts is prepared to help you determine the epics and user stories for your iOS app. Once your project is clear and ready to move forward, our developers and designers will bring it to life.

Depending on the requirements of your mobile app, some of the development steps involved might be:



Put your ideas to the test before we write code and validate what works for your business.



Reduce friction and eliminate pain points by creating the right User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) based on a scientific data-driven design approach.

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Build the code at the heart of your iOS project using Swift in a secure and scalable way through our custom Agile methodology.


Quality Assurance (QA)

Identify bugs and potential risks before hitting the market. Avoid headaches through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery methods.

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Set up the right cloud configuration for your iOS app through our best practices and correctly integrate your development and IT processes.

Apple App Development

Apple is known for being obsessed with the quality of its User Interface, and the iOS apps in the App Store are no exception. However, designing an app for Apple products requires specialized knowledge.

To fully harness the power of iOS devices, it is necessary to develop iOS apps using Swift’s highest standards. It is also necessary to properly integrate software across devices to hit the App Store with the necessary quality that users love.

Thanks to Koombea’s years of experience developing world-class iOS mobile applications, you can rest assured that your product will excel. We build seamless and engaging cross-device experiences for Apple’s family of products. In addition, your app will be rigorously tested using Apple’s TestFlight.

Run Your App on Apple Silicon Macs

Thanks to the new M1 chips, you will be able to easily port your iPhone and iPad apps to Apple Silicon Mac computers running the latest version of macOS. Our developers can help you achieve this while optimizing your app to work with other Mac computer devices like a keyboard and mouse.


iPhone App Development Services

Having a native iOS app can set you apart from your competitors. A native mobile app is always a great choice to create powerful features that enhance the User Experience. With our custom native app development services, you will be able to engage users and continuously improve your product.

UX Driven Development

In order for your app to be successful, it first needs to test the experience it delivers. Through our UX-driven app development process and using the TestFlight app, you will be able to find out what users love and thus determine what works best for your product.

iPad App Development Services

Tablets are becoming more powerful and important for performing everyday tasks. Making your custom iOS app available for other Apple devices like the iPad is very easy, no matter the device version or the screen size. Our team of mobile developers has the skills and knowledge to make it happen.


Apple Watch App Development

Have you considered having your app specially designed for the Apple Watch? Many companies are doing so and reaping the benefits. Our expertise guarantees a top-notch result that can easily be carried around your wrist.

Apple TV App Development

Take your app directly to TV screens and delight your viewers. With Koombea by your side, increase your engagement using powerful features. Make your app stand out and leave competitors behind.

Apple Arcade Game Development

Join the club of some of the best online games available in Apple Arcade. Adapt your game for different Apple devices and make use of exclusive features that will take your game’s experience to the next level.


Tools & Technologies We Leverage to Build Your Custom iOS Solution

Having the right tools and technologies is necessary in order to guarantee your iOS app’s success. By having Koombea as your development partner, you will have access to top-quality resources to build the product you want.

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iOS Development Frameworks

Our team members use the best development frameworks available. We choose what is most convenient for you and your company, helping your project avoid risks and scaling when the moment comes. We use SwiftUI to build User Interfaces your users will love.

iOS Programming Languages

Swift is at the heart of our iOS application development process. Swift is a modern, object-oriented programming language for native iOS development. The Swift programming language helps ensure your project will meet Apple’s high User Experience standards while guaranteeing an engaging experience for users.

iOS Development Platforms

We understand that using the right development platform is key to your success. The best place to start building iOS apps is in the Xcode development environment. Our expertise and knowledge are at your service by choosing us as your development partner.

Why Should You Consider Investing in iOS App Development Services?

Apple’s products are loved by users all over the world. Having a custom iOS app is a major advantage for any type of business. You will be able to gain access to an important pool of users and offer them your own apps, products, and services through some of the industry’s best devices.

Few companies control their software and hardware like Apple does. As a result, they can create some of the industry’s best products. By gaining access through iOS app development to Apple hardware like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and other Apple devices, you will be able to reach users in the App Store in a secure and UX/UI driven environment.

About Koombea

Koombea has been a trusted testing partner and a top Apple app development company, providing iOS App development services for many organizations in various stages of adopting Agile. We have helped organizations new to Agile build in QA planning, estimation, and metrics into their sprints.

Also, we have experience integrating our team and processes with larger enterprise client’s sprint teams to improve test coverage, velocity, and quality.

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